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In 2022 N. K. Patel and Sons celebrates the 123rd anniversary of its founding as an institution dedicated to elevating healthcare in India. Since 1899, we have been the trusted partner of the dental fraternity, helping them deliver a higher standard of care.


Dr. Kalyanji Bhagwandas Patel, hailing from a small town Randed in Gujarat upon his return from England as a doctor set up a clinic and medical supply store, K. Patel and Sons in Karachi. His steadfastness and dedication to the cause of healthcare for all saw him establish one of the first medical and dental colleges in Karachi. In 1945 he moved to Mumbai along with his family. Along with his sons he set up a factory to manufacturer artificial teeth and a dental supply store in Mumbai and Bengaluru. With time his sons diversified and demerged the various business verticals to form independent companies. Mr. Navin Patel, his youngest son took over the dental business and established N. K. Patel and Sons.


N. K. Patel and Sons continues to be a family held company ensuing the founding vision of elevating the healthcare standards of the communities we serve through continuing value creation based on trust, integrity and leadership. Today, at the helm of affairs is Mr. Nitin Patel helped by his son Dr. Bhavin Patel, the fourth generation involved in the business.


Attending to the needs of our customers has been our top priority. We continue to partner with our customers, leading government and private institutions, communities and industry colleagues from around the world to deliver an extraordinary level of customer service and innovative value-added solutions to the Indian dentist and dental technician. Some of our international partners include Asiga, Ivoclar, GC, Renfert, Garrison Dental, Dentona, Ackuretta, MPF Brush Co and Edenta.


Looking to the future, N. K. Patel and Sons looks to embrace the world of digital dentistry not just limited to CAD CAM but the entire digital workflow. We also look forward to partner with government and private institutions across the country to introduce new technologies and upgrade existing facilitates to make them at par with the best around the world.


We are thankful to all our customers, channel partners and suppliers for their continued support and also appreciate the dedicated efforts of our many employees, past and present.    


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1102 Embassy Chambers

3rd Road, Khar West

Mumbai 400052, MH, India

Tel:  +91 22 6127 7777


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