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In 2011 Asiga launched the world's first LED based DLP 3D printer and started the affordable desktop revolution which changed digital manufacturing forever.

Asiga designs and manufactures all products at our headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Our in-house mechanical, electronics, software and materials team ensures our continued innovation and product improvement.

asiga ultra
asiga max 2
Asiga Max

Shining 3D Dental

SHINING 3D provides fully integrated 3D digital dental solutions, from obtaining 3D data with 3D scanners for lab and intraoral 3D scanners for clinics.

SHINING 3D obtained CE, FDA international product standards, and ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification

Shining 3D Aoralscan intra oral scanner
Shining 3D Metismile facial scanner
Shining 3D  Lab scanner
Shining 3D 3d printer


Ackuretta is essentially a technology company.. They create a 3D Printing Ecosystem That Is Adaptive, Advanced And Accessible, To Help Lead And Empower The Digital Dentistry Industry Into The Future.

Ackuretta Sol
Ackuretta Dentiq
Curie Plus by Ackuretta
Ackuretta Curie plus

Garrison Dental

Garrison is a recognized leader in composite matrix systems and it builds strongly on it's twenty three year plus year history of innovative product design.

Strata-G flyer
Reel matrix DME flyer
Fusion Anterior Matrix
compositight 3D Fusion


Ivoclar support dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists both professionally and personally in fulfilling their passion and purpose: to ensure that people have the best possible oral health and quality of life, today and in the future. They are inspired by the knowledge that together we grow better.


The family business dates back to 1923. Today, they are one of the world’s leading-edge dental companies. Their integrated solutions are helping to improve the state of oral health throughout the world. Like their customers they never stand still – We share one mission: Making People Smile.

Firing Furnaces
Pressing Furnaces
Sintering Furnaces
Direct Restoratives
Mould Chart


Renfert have been developing intelligent solutions and reliable service for technology and products since 1925, enabling dental technicians and dentists worldwide to put their passion for detail into practice. Around 200 employees work in the owner-managed, medium-sized German company. The main headquarters is located in Hilzingen in the Lake Constance region. All their products are made in Germany. 

Renfert Mixing tray brushes and instrument
Renfert Waxes
Suction units
Polishing paste

Dtech Resins

D-Tech stands for innovative dental materials with an “excellent value proposition”. Our vision is to rapidly develop and innovate materials for the dental professional which must meet or exceed customer expectations.

At Team D-Tech we believe that the future of dentistry is “Digital”. Our latest innovations in the field of 3D printing resins are part of our Digital Focus. There’s more to come in the near future.

3D Printer Settings

MPF Brush Company

At MPF Brush Co. offers  a unique range of laboratory hand tools, brushes, palettes, accessories and rotary  instruments at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality.

With more than 20 years in the market they are the leaders in premium dental instruments worldwide.

MPF brush
MPF pallette

Miyo Liquid Ceramic

MiYO® offers a completely new approach to esthetics. The MiYO® Esthetic System gives technicians the ability to easily create esthetic restorations that rival natural teeth in an ultra-thin layer. MiYO currently works with all zirconia and lithium disilicate materials.

Miyo Liquid Ceramic
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